Bend, Don't Break

✓ How to handle the different types of stress
✓ Deal with the most intense pressure
✓ Achieve the success you want

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Everyone does it tough at some point in their journey...

So what can we learn from those who deal with stress or pressure on a regular basis?

Hear from world-class performers across different arenas - from athletes to academics, entrepreneurs to entertainers, medicine to military - as they share their hard earned answers to a simple question:

"What does toughness look like in action?"

Use these tools to go
from reactive to proactive.

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Get inspiring stories and actionable ideas every weekend to help you handle any type of pressure & stress.

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Hosted by Paddy Steinfort, a performance coach to some of the world’s best who Sports Illustrated has called “Master Mind”

Initially recorded exclusively for the US Army & veterans only, the intent behind the "Toughness Interview Series" was to help soldiers and families deal with stressful situations so they don't just survive - they thrive. But then, COVID hit us all...

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A must listen! Thank you for telling these stories of both physical and mental grit. It's inspiring and I'm looking forward to many more episodes to come!

- Sarcatk
(Apple Podcasts review)

If you're interested in seizing life’s opportunities and overcoming its challenges, I recommend taking a
few minutes each day to learn from Paddy and his incredible guests.

- Matt Meko
(US Army veteran)

These are absolutely mind blowing. Paddy has world class skill in really going deep and uncovering amazing insight from these conversations.

- matthewnyoung
(Apple Podcasts review)