Let’s Talk Toughness

When you're passionate about something, you can't stop talking about it.
When you're obsessed with something, you can't stop learning about it.
When we talk toughness, we get to do both.

It's time to make moves

Ready to take a LEAP instead of a step in the right direction?

Have presentations, programs and content tailored to your world, and follow in the footsteps of some of the world's best organizations.

Team Toughness

This program for professional and college teams focuses on building a shared understanding of what makes a tough team, as well as providing a framework along with proven exercises to help build and own a new, more resilient culture.

Organizational Resilience

Championship teams require toughness every day in order to maintain their competitive edge - just like any other group that operates in a challenging environment. We help build the skills, systems and support to take your entire organization and it's leaders to the next level.

Agency Advantage

Working for and within the sports and entertainment industries for nearly 16 years, we inherently understand the importance of giving someone you are committed to supporting the best chance to succeed. Give your talent the best chance of becoming the best.

Personalized Toughness Training

Dedicated 1 to 1 attention, support & direction

Performance Coaching

Work with a coach who provides tools and strategies used by pro athletes and stage stars to handle pressure, stay focused and maximize their talent. This approach was designed by an elite performer, specifically for elite performers – the ones who really “get it”.

Coach Development

As a coach, you are also under pressure to perform every day – but often with little to no guidance, or a source of objective feedback. Tap into the shared knowledge of the 100s of coaches we have worked, while improving your teams performance at the same time.

Leadership Training

Are you in a leadership position that demands extra from you, on top of your own performance? Learn how to maintain your own level of excellence and increase your presence, while still helping to develop, direct and drive others who work around you as well.

Want one of the industry’s leading minds on your side?

Paddy Steinfort has appeared in numerous TV, Radio, Print and Web outlets as an expert in the areas of talent development and performance psychology, as well as the broader areas of high performance programs, sports science programs.

Subject Expertise includes:
  • Performance Psychology
  • High Performance Programs
  • Coach & Talent Development
  • Sports & Performance Science
Speaking Topics include:
  • “It Starts With A Thought”
  • “Teaching Today’s Talent”
  • “Pay Attention, Get Paid”
  • “The 4 Levels of Leadership”

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